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For many of us Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic and special days of the year. For some couples this day is as important as their personal anniversaries and celebrations. Planning a special, romantic Valentine’s Day can be a pleasure for both of you. Here at Valentine’s Day Romance, we want to help you make your Valentine’s Day as special as possible.

Valentines Day RomanceFirst of all you need to decide if you are going to plan your day as a surprise or with your partner as a joint effort. Surprises are fun and your partner will really appreciate your thoughtfulness and loving care. However, it can be just as much of a thrill for both of you to be involved in the plans for your Valentine’s Day. Planning an exciting and romantic Valentine’s Day together will give you both the opportunity to enjoy even more time together and to create an experience you will both enjoy.

If you do decide to plan a day by yourself as a surprise, you need to think ahead as it can be difficult to plan a truly special Valentine’s Day in a rush because there can be last minute hitches. It can also be difficult to get a table at that special restaurant, or that wonderful gift you thought of might not be available any more. To avoid this you should always plan ahead and make all your arrangements well in advance. If you put a great deal of time and effort into planning your Valentine’s Day celebration, your partner will feel very special and treasured.

Most of like to spend Valentine’s Day with someone special, and it is a wonderful feeling to give someone you care about a truly unique gift, they don’t have to be expensive. Red Roses are one of the most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts but you can make it a little different – what about a Rose Bush for the garden to remind you every year of this special day. Romantic Gift Baskets full of special treats are always lovely to receive and keep the memory of the day alive as your partner uses all the things carefully placed inside it. A small personalized gift is always lovely to have on Valentine’s day too, a token to remind each other of the feelings you share.

One of the loveliest ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone special is to cook a special meal for your partner, especially if you don’t normally do the cooking! Many people see Valentine’s Day as a time to go out to extravagant restaurants and have an elaborate evening but it can be wonderful to just have a quiet dinner together, with all the dishes you love best. You can take charge of the planning and the cooking yourself, dress the table beautifully and create a romantic atmosphere with subtle lighting, your favorite music, a glass of your favorite wine. Prepare everything in advance so you don’t have to rush around at the last minute, and have a wonderful evening with the person you care most about.

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Valentines gift ideas are not always the easiest things to come up with, and such a lot of them end up stuffed in the back of a cupboard. It’s far better to take a little time to think about your gifts so that they add to your romantic Valentines day, not to your clutter.

I like to think about gifts that are in the moment, so that they can be enjoyed and savored leaving behind a lovely memory, or something that will be usable all year round to remind us of the romance that lies behind it.

You don’t always want to be too practical with your gift, or the romance goes out with the wrapping. A new vacuum cleaner didn’t go down too well with a friend of mine, but plants for the garden were a real hit the following year. They are a constant reminder of Valentines and the perfume of the Winter flowering Jasmine is always there at just the right time of year.

Luxurious Toiletries are always a fairly safe bet, they will bring a real touch of glamor to the bathroom or the bedroom whilst they last. It used to be that toiletries and perfume were always just gifts for the girls but now that the guys are learning to take better care of themselves, there are all kinds of lotions and potions if you are searching for Valentine gifts for him. Personally I am a big fan of colognes, you can be sure that you will like the way he smells if you choose it.

Valentines Day Chocolates always go down well, especially if you want to give a small token to someone on Valentines without being too personal.  A couple of Truffles in a little presentation box make a nice gift, or you can go the whole way and get a big box along with flowers for someone you really care about.

One of the best gifts I ever had was a voucher for a day out, it wasn’t a bought voucher, but a home made one with all the details of where we were going and what we would do on our day out, that was probably one of the romantic gifts I have received because it was so personal to me.

Flowers for Valentines Day are such a traditional gift that we sometimes forget how much they are appreciated. We try to come up with cute valentines ideas when sometimes we would be better going with the tried and tested favorites. If you want to give your children a gift, you might be surprised at how thrilled they will be with a small bunch of flowers, beautifully wrapped with tumbling ribbons, though a cuddly toy often goes down well.

The other old favorite is lingerie, but again something too over the top isn’t always the best, there is lots of pretty and practical lingerie available from places like Panties.com.

If you are sure of your partner’s taste, music and books provide lots of opportunities for a gift that will go on being enjoyed. There are lots of books that are published just for Valentines, poems and quotes are among the favorites but they don’t tend to be read other than at the time. I’d go rather with something by a favorite author or a special edition of a much loved book. Amazon.com is a good source for these as local stores don’t always stock them.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, we have lots more in our Valentines Gift Ideas Store but the most important thing to remember is that your gift doesn’t have to be big or expensive, it just has to come from the heart for real Valentines Day Romance.

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